On 29 April, Derisk Director Mark Berry presented two half-day JORC Code seminars in Townsville as part of EGRU’s 2019 series of professional development short courses.  The seminars, originally scheduled in February
2019, were rescheduled to April after the devasting floods in north Queensland.

The JORC Code (Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves) sets out the requirements for public reporting of exploration and mining information, however its scope is much broader than this. It sets out standards, recommendations  and guidelines to assist geologists, mining engineers and other technical staff to establish sound processes for data collection; quality control and
assurance; analysis; interpretation and estimation.

The morning seminar titled “Introduction to the JORC Code” provided an overview of the Code and illustrated how Table 1 can be used to  guide day-to-day work flows and procedures in exploration and mining. It also
introduced the concept of the Competent Person.  The afternoon seminar titled “A JORC Code Refresher for Existing and Aspiring Competent Persons” focused on the key elements of the Code and how it is monitored, together with the issues most relevant to Competent Person responsibility. In both seminars, case studies were used to illustrate good reporting practices.  

Feedback from participants was excellent with comments including:

  • “From a non-technical person, the workshop was an eye opener … and helps me understand why documentation is reported”.
  • “Understanding the different sections of Table 1 was most useful”.
  • “It showed me a great overview of JORC and how I can apply it in my career”.
  • “The most useful part was working through ASX reports and Table 1”.
  • “A great refresher, thanks”.