After a buoyant and busy start to 2020 in the mineral industry, global market conditions have suddenly become extremely tough with the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its global spread.  Many countries have effectively closed their borders and financial markets have been in free fall.  The minerals industry is hugely affected by the pandemic as exploration is curtailed and mining operations, particularly fly-in fly-out sites, are severely impacted. Many companies have established procedures to minimise the spread and impact of the virus by splitting up teams and working from home where possible.  
For Derisk, business is (almost) as usual. For three years we have been running an office-less business model based around an extensive network of seasoned professionals, most with more than 25 years technical experience in the industry. Our associates are located around the world and all operate remotely.  Most site visits cannot be scheduled at the present time, but almost all of our core services are unaffected by the pandemic.  To find out more on our expertise and services and information on how we can assist your business, please visit